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Zone-Media started its life as Zone-TV back in the early 1990's when we produced a Chart Television show for the then Diamond Cable 7 TV Channel (which later became NTL Cable 7) the Paul Stuart Chart Show was a weekly half hour broadcast produced by Alan Warner the show was filmed as live and on occasions was broadcast live.

Zone-TV took on a new identity and changed it's genre in 1994, we were among the first TV show's in the country to produce and broadcast a show based solely around the Night Club and Dance Music industries which was experiencing an explosion of interest at that time.

The show called "The Zone" visited clubs around the UK and Europe and was a regular film crew to to attend one of the premier dance music events the Miami Winter Music Conference. The show captured club land at it's best and carried both interviews with some of the worlds most famous DJ's with a number of the DJ's appearing on the show as guest and special feature presenters.

The Zone was Produced, Filmed and Managed by Alan Warner who headed up a crew of some 7 people on location shoots and 15 on studio shoots.

The show's main presenters and script/feature writers were DJ's Mark Brown (C2Records) and Nick Correlli (Variation Records) now known world wide as the MYNC Project and currently run their own Red Room Sessions at the Leicester University.

Our other regular front line presenter and feature writer was Emma Harding who has featured more recently in Channel Fours "Hollyoaks The Movie" - Sky Ones "Dream Team" and "Mile High" and numerous television adverts "Safestyle UK"

When Mark and Nick left the show to further their DJ and record company careers, Janice Philips took over at the helm with her unique knowledge and style of presenting Janice stayed with the show until it's end in 2002. Janice was formerly with BBC Radio Leicester and played a major part in the success of the show.

The Zone broadcast its final show in 2002 after the decision was made by NTL to close down the channel.

Since then Alan Warner (Zone-Media) has remained in the Media Industry and worked on numerous productions and during the last two years has developed Zone-Media and bought the equipment that Zone-Media now owns.

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